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About Us

Linroy is a Chartered Engineer boasting a wealth of expertise exceeding a decade, demonstrating a profound dedication to crafting inventive, sustainable, and architecturally captivating structures within the realm of the built environment. Linroy's formative professional years were spent in the larger building design consultancy sector, honing his skills as a Structural Engineer.

Through his career, Linroy has amassed extensive knowledge across diverse sectors, including education, retail, defense, and residential domains, both in the UK, Middle East, and the Caribbean. These endeavors encompassed a wide spectrum of responsibilities, encompassing the structural design and evaluation of new construction projects as well as existing dwellings, from initial feasibility studies to overseeing the construction process.

The establishment of Indies Structures stems from a commitment to deliver superior services to clients, encompassing both domestic and commercial ventures throughout Wales and the South West regions. Right from the outset, we place paramount importance on fostering close collaboration with our clients, finding immense satisfaction in nurturing the design process from its conceptual inception to its ultimate realization.

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